The Factory

The factory was established in 1989, as a specialty design and manufacturing of hardware furniture and accessories in Guangdong. Our engineered access hardware solutions include and not- limited to drawer slides, concealed hinges, latches, handles, castors, table legs, hardware fittings, household furniture, shelves and other innovative products. The products¡¯ applications are universal applicable for various industries. Our passion, vision and focus today is to assist and support the customers¡¯ engineering differentiation which is not limited to design and re-design to avoid patents infringement on top of its manufacturing capabilities - metal stamping, die casting, plastic injection, welding, roll forming, CNC machining, wood and glass processing, powder coating and assembly. We¡¯re exporting to US, Europe and South East Asia due to our product quality, price competitiveness and services. Our Factories are ISO9001 certified has over 100000 square meters facilities. By focusing on customer satisfaction, we strive to design our products to meet the needs of our customers, control our processes using appropriate techniques, manufacture our products to be defect free, involve all employees in continuous improvement, deliver our products in a timely manner, and support them with quality customer service.