Why JK Precision

Precision Machining & Quality

Speed prototyping for New Product Introduction (NPI)
Machine precision and tolerance up to 0.002mm
Machining capability +/-0.004mm and measurement accuracy below +/- 0.004mm
Strict Quality Assurance & precision measurement process and capability
First Time Sample or First Article Qualification performance: 95%
First Time Finished Parts or Goods lot performance: 97%


Metal Works - Fabrication & Surface Coating

1-stop metal sheet and surface coating for machineries, medical equipment and others
Over 30 year experiences with Germany, United States, and Japan and South Korea international standards
Hands-on practical research and technical development versus flatness, precision, surface roughness, against deformation, crack, bubble, peel-off and impact peel-off PVC Powder Coating with anti- corrosion assurance capability and quality feel texture


Benchmark Services

Short delivery lead time and competitive pricing
24hrs RFQ response for all drawings, > 200 parts - 36hrs
Special handling of urgent or short lead time pull-in orders
No heat treatment and no surface coating - 1 week delivery
Single part or tooling - 2 to 3 weeks delivery
Mass Production order - 4 weeks
Special Pull-In (or Green Path) for top urgency order or sample order