Who are we?

For more than a century now, steel has been the material of choice for many industries - applied in the building of railways, bridges, vehicles and appliance, steel has no doubt contributed to a world that is more conducive to living. Today’s lifestyle and technological advancements have also increased competition in the steel construction and manufacturing industries. In the automotive space, creation of modern appliances, information technology (IT) applications and medical equipment industries are facing up with stricter regulations, requirements and precision drove manufacturers to look for competitive solutions.

JK Precision Co. Limited is registered in Hong Kong firstly set up in Dongguan Aidi Industrial Park offers a 1-stop and all-in-one services metal work machining and fabrication shop in Southern China. Leveraging on our raw materials experiences and machinability specialization JK Precision has been successful in providing CNC Machining - Lathing, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Laser Marking, Engraving, Heat Treatment and Passivation services to our customers globally since 2007. We specialize in high precision, short lead time and high mix and low to middle volume precision machining. Our Factory in Dongguan is certified to ISO9001: 2015 and ISO13485: 2016. We work and drive performance scorecard which includes and not limited to Quality, On Time Delivery, First Pass Yield and Competitive Price.

Vision: Striving to be a reliable high metal precision machining partner with our German customers and others with our competitive pricing, short lead time, dedicated and focused engineering services and solutions. We envisioned to be a one-stop-shop precision contract manufacturer in high precision machining, value add precision assembly and engineering solutions for any industries and marketplace.

Value: We stand by our quality and delivery commitment and act without any compromising on integrity with our customers and business partners.

Our company goal is simple - contribute positively to the development of the precision machining and metal works by bringing smiles to customers with Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) and employees. JK Precision services is specialized in all kinds machining of Precision Components, Precision Fixtures, Test Jigs and non-standard Gauges fabrication with different material includes and not limited to Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Die or Tool Steel, Tungsten Nickel Steel, Tungsten Nickel-Iron and Engineering Plastics. These materials are mainly imported from Japan, Germany and Sweden. Our surface finishing processes are well supported by professional electro-platers and heat treatment partners.

JK Precision has 2 manufacturing sites in Dongguan covering 2000 (Factory 1) + 1000 (Factory 2) sq. meter - total Production floor area of 3000 sq. meter. We're running on 2 shifts with the total of 64 people in 2 Factories. Factory 1 was established in September 2009 with 42 employees, primarily focus on Japan and local China multinational customers. Factory 2 about 10 min drive away from Factory 1 was set up in May 2018 - 22 employees with specialization focus on Germany, Malaysia & Hong Kong customers. Our employee turnover is rather low as we're truly engage and understand the heart of industry challenges and opportunities.

JK Precision also serve as a centralized liaison to customers, instead of outsourcing to multiple contractors or suppliers, customers can get only one quote, lead time and order. It’s a 1-stop service takes away substantial management burdens, allowing the customers to focus more on their core processes. One of the challenges customers frequently encounter is the short lead time and unreliable on-time delivery. With our locally own designed “Green Way” we’re able to deliver an overwhelming short delivery lead time through our integrated processing flow.

JK Precision’s business primarily focus in Medical, Automotive, Solar & LED, 3D Printer, Equipment Automation and Semiconductor industries. JK Precision continues to invest in the most advanced equipment and the latest software, and adhere to the principle of Honesty and Quality First. We are equipped to meet the high precision requirements and specifications from different industries - Medical, Electronics, Automotive, Equipment Automation and other industries. We strives to provide reliable quality and delivery, prompt services and competitive pricing to our customers, not limited to from Germany, US and others.

JK Precision is achieving customer satisfaction as we’re dedicated to using its manufacturing capabilities to improve the lives of its employees and contribute to the healthy coexistence of the society and the environment. We believed trust leads to the creation of business value. By providing advanced equipment quality control systems and a total support system we provide safe and reliable services so customers entrust their business to us with confidence. Earning customers trust is a constant aim and JK Precision enjoys an excellent reputation among customers for its services. We will continue to change constantly in response to customer needs, requirements and expectations.

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Automation Machine Parts & Assembly


Automation Machine Parts & Assembly


JK Precision is a full-service precision machining, metal works fabrication and spray paint and surface coating factories that specializes in and not limited to Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Die Steel, Tungsten Nickel Steel, Tungsten Nickel-Iron and Engineering Plastics. The factories are well equipped with a complete machineries, equipment and resources for any challenging projects and short lead time.


We work with aluminum, steel, tool steel, stainess steel, different plastic, fiber glass and others.